More intolerances? Oh boy.

I love having goals. And even if I don't call them goals, I like having an idea on where I'm heading or what I want. I don't always stick to them, but I don't think of it as a total failure either. I think goals just make us aware of ourselves.

Last week my little weekly goal was to not have any cookies. This might sound pretty easy for some people... but we sell these amazing chocolate chip cookies at work and most people swear they are laced with crack. Mmmm, cracky cookies.

So I did it! I went a week without having any damn cookies. I saved $5. ... But, I also think I might have become more aware of a deeper lying issue.

When I was a spunky teen I had amazing skin, I got a lot of compliments on it. When I hit something like 21, my skin took a severe nose dive. I have adult acne, its really not that hot. I've tried everything under the sun to make it go away and everything under the sun works... for a bit. My mom swears this is why everyone thinks I'm in my mid 20s, not early 30s.

Years back I had some crazy ass stomach issues. I had allergy scratch tests done. They came back and said I was allergic to soy, eggs, barley, and garlic. Wow, that was a fun way to eat for 2 years. I then had a blood test done by my naturopath that came back I wasn't allergic to any of that stuff. But, it turns out I still have an intolerance to soy protein. I've been 99% soy free for about 6 years. I miss tofu.

So back to my current life... No cookies for a week. Woohoo! I'm stoked. Um, and my skin looks fantastic? (Okay, not super model fantastic but for me it looks pretty awesome!) And then it hit me... I haven't had hardly any wheat all week. No bread. No breaded things. No pasta. No baked goods. Maybe a beer. (the other half has been out of town since June 1st and being on track has been super easy.)

So now I'm trying to figure out if I have issues with wheat? What gives?

At this happy moment, I'm at 202.2

the right booze to choose

Eep, I'm totally trying to get back in the swing of things and lose weight, again and still. 

I'm going to a party tonight, I'll try to remember this...
Choose red wine over white wine; choose wine over beer; choose darker beers over lighter beers; and choose beer over liquor and liqueur. via Sparkpeople

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Oh eggnog latte, how I heart you!!
But what is up with you making my stomach a nice mess? I know I should drink you and you totally take up way to many WW points but sometimes I dream of you. And I give in.. and I pay for it later. I even have you cut with milk to make you less rich.
Come on brain, remember this the next time eggnog sounds like a good idea.